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Our Mission Statement

These are unprecedented times we're living in. 2020 has brought with it two global pandemics and a host of other rotten realities that have many people suffering from high levels of anxiety, depression and hopelessness. Uncertainty has laid its thick cloud of soot over us, and many of us are are suffering, just fighting to get by.


I'd originally created "Inspire Us" to be a live event, showcasing people from all walks of life who'd gone through adversity and setbacks and emerged stronger than their circumstances. Then COVID19 popped its ungly head into our world and live events went out the window.


When our plans change and we get knocked down in our tracks, it's our job to get back up and dust ourselves off - and keep moving forward. And that's what I did. I changed the Inspire Us format from "live event" to a Podcast... and you know what? I believe the venue is even better now than I had originally planned. Sometimes things don't happen to you - they happen for you. I guess it's just how we choose to see it. Right?


Everyone has a story. No one gets through life unscathed, and each of us can truly benefit by hearing the stories of others – especially those of triumph over adversity, anxiety, depression and setbacks. My own personal life and story is one I'ved shared and still share with audiences across the globe, and each time I do, I’m thanked for having shared. Why? Because not only do I share my stories of how and what I suffered, I also share how I managed to deal with that uglyness. That’s what makes the difference, and that’s what so many of us want and need to hear right now: how did you get by? How can I get by?

I believe that each of us has a light within us that can shine into the souls and lives of others. We’re in this together, so why not help each other out? We’ve all suffered our cracks and some have suffered breaks, so let’s use that light we each have to help guide and mentor others. What you’ve experienced and how you managed to deal with it may very well be the answer someone is looking for. Inspire Us with that experience! At a time where so much is happening across the globe, from COVID-19, white supremacy attacks and more – now is a perfect time to share stories of hope and inspiration.  That’s what “Inspire Us” aims to do. We aim to have speakers from all walks of life and with all kinds of backgrounds stand before you and share their magnificent stories to help inspire each and everyone of us. Who doesn’t like a good, inspirational story?

our speakers, join us and let’s all get i together!

The idea for Inspire Us came to me long after I’d done a TED talk, and also after attending a few events in which I’d witnessed amazing stories being shared by so many different people from so many walks of life.


But it was one particular event that truly inspired me to create my “Inspire Us” platform. I’d attended an event to support a friend who was going to give her very first public talk – her message of inspiration. She did great as did all the other speakers, in their unique ways! Nearing the end of the night, a young woman was picked from the audience (having submitted her name in a hat to give a two-minute impromptu talk, lottery style) and once her name was called, she slowly edged her way to the stage. Everyone could see the fear in her eyes as she slowly approached the microphone. The audience applauded loudly to support her. She took a deep breath and grabbed the microphone. She was asked a random question by one of the hosts: “What have you done in the last year to improve your life?” Nervously, she answered: “I lost 80 pounds.” The audience applauded even louder! She went on and added, “and I finally got laser surgery and got rid of my bottle thick ugly glasses!” Everyone cheered and applauded her personal victory and the smile that came over her face is what lit the bulb for me. I thought, “That’s it! That’s what I want to do. I want to encourage others even more than I am now by getting them to share their victories with the world! I want to see those smiles in them and the audiences.” And that’s how “Inspire Us” came to be.

So now I want to encourage you. Got a story that you’d like to share with the world on how you overcame something or how you improved your life - one you feel can benefit others? Please visit the “Apply to Inspire” page and get right to filling out that application form and let’s get started! Inspire Us and make a difference in this world by sharing your story. Change a life or more for the better - your story may very well have the answer to someone’s personal struggle. 

And did I happen to mention that Inspire Us has eveolved to include awesome expert guests in the fields of mental health, relationships, business, negotiations and much more? Each will share their thoughts and expertise on how to cope, adjust and overcome these times. To triumph even in the face of adversity. I'm sure I mentioned that earlier, and I'm so glad they're joining us. Our Podcast experience will be amazing!

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