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Inspiring the world by sharing our personal stories and expert insight
"One story and idea at a time."


Inspire Us

Mission Statement

At “Inspire Us”, my vision was to present (on stage, before a live audience) personal, powerful, inspirational, and transformative talks – from people just like you and me who had experienced adversity, disappointment, and setbacks at some point in their lives and overcame them.  How did they do it and could we, the audience, benefit from their methods? I thought so. So the website was developed and I found venues to present my speakers to those live audiences. Then COVID19 hit!

What do I do now, I wondered. The answer came to me after some careful thought: turn "Inspire Us" into a podcast! Some people I respect very much had encouraged me to start my own podcast, and simply giving up on my visions never makes sense to me... so, that's what I've done, and I believe this venue is even better than the one I'd originally planned.


Additionally, I'll be interviewing experts in the fields of mental health, relationships, negotiations and so much more. These are difficult times and my mission is to provide stories, great information, and inspiration to each of my listeners in an effort to help us all reduce our anxiety, depression, and setbacks. Together, we're going to get through this, one inspirational story and one informative show at a time! 

Thanks for joining us. Stay inspired!

- J. Paul Nadeau

What to Expect from

Inspire Us, With J Paul Nadeau

Weekly Inspirational podcasts and amazing guests

Once a week, the Inspire Us podcast will present an inspirational speaker or expert in the fields of mental health and wellness, relationships, personal development,  negotiations, conflict resolution, business development, and more.

The world is experiencing an overwhelming increase in anxiety, depression, hopelessness, uncertainty, and grief. But it doesn't have to be that way. This podcast aims to enlighten the listener to this fact by providing each listener with tools to help them see their circumstances in a new light. Catch these episodes on your favorite podcast stations, such as Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, TuneIn, Podbean, I-Heart Radio and more.

"Inspire Us" is planning to deliver Monthly Inspiration, either in the form of a blog or an Inspire Us magazine to all those who subscribe. 

I'm still in the development phase, and I see the outreach as potentially endless! Hang in there, and feel free to email me at with your ideas on how to add more inspiration or to suggest a guest who will inspire us all.

My guests and I aim to change your paradigm: We aim to change the way you might see your futures and current circumstances, especially in these unprecedented pandemic times.


Many of us have felt (and are feeling) the relentless sting of COVID19, and many may see this life experience we're having as an endless amount of difficult, lonely, hopeless, and unbearable challenges and hardships.


So many of us are feeling alone and socially disconnected, and the Inspire Us experience aims to help shift that point of view to help replace it with one of hope, re-connection, and inspiration. How? By having others who’ve felt the same inspire all of us to see things through a different lens, and to have our experts share their inspirational insights. Call it seeing through a new lens of connection and restoration. 

Connection and fellowship: We want to build a community through storytelling. Everybody has a story, and everybody’s story is worth telling. Since the beginning of time, connection was established very much by sharing stories, whether it was sitting by a campfire in pre-historic times or in present-day, sitting with a bunch of friends saying, “You’re not going to believe this…!” Stories connect and intrigue people and we need to share more of them. But not just any story. Stories that inspire and help others. That’s what we’re set to deliver and share with you.

Committed to Excellence - and how you can help Inspire Us!

We’re Committed to Excellence: We operate with professionalism and we’re committed to bringing you the very best. Our goal is to help with your personal development. We’re all in this together. 

I could use your help in making this Inspire Us experience that much better. How can you help? First, subscribe to the Inspire Us podcast and give it a 5-star rating. Leave your comments. Join us on Facebook and Instagram. Email me with your suggestions on whom I might have as a guest on the show. Let's make this happen!

Send me your recommendations to

Relationships: We aim to connect and build meaningful relationships, based on love, understanding and support. The meaning of life comes down to building relationships, and that’s what we intend to do.


J. Paul Nadeau,

Podcast host, Inspire Us

“Here at Inspire Us, my personal mission is to encourage each of our speakers to inspire our podcast listeners with their unique stories to help re-connect a disconnected world through the power of vulnerability and story-telling. The world is currently in a crisis of anxiety and depression at levels never before experienced, and my belief is that through inspirational story-telling, we can reduce those levels of anxiety, loneliness, and depression and help encourage the world to share their experiences and to help lift others.

Inspire Us is evolving since the format has changed from live on-stage talks to podcasts, and I was inspired to have experts share their knowledge and ideas with us. This approach adds rich content and insight that I'm certain will enhance the listener experience and overall program.

Everyone has a story, and it’s my belief that by sharing each of ours, we can encourage others to do the same. If we all share our unique experiences of how we’ve overcome adversity, setbacks, anxiety, and even depression, and also how we now get through this thing called ‘life’, we’ll encourage those who struggle to do the same.

The late singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen once wrote, “There’s a crack in everything, but that’s how the light gets through.” We’ve all suffered our cracks, and some of us have suffered complete breaks, but each of us carries a light within our souls to shine brightly into the cracks of those who need it. Let’s all be that light.

Join me and help make a difference in this battle to restore mental wellness for all. Let’s all be someone’s light and help illuminate the way for others.”

                                                                                           J. Paul Nadeau

J. Paul Nadeau

Thought leader, author of the acclaimed bestselling book, "Take Control of Your Life,"  keynote speaker and mental health strategist. Your host on "Inspire Us."

Event Details

The Inspire Us Podcast 

What makes this Podcast different than the others?

Once a week, every Wednesday, Inspire Us will present an hour-long (or so) Podcast featuring guests who have lived through hell and emerged intact and with how-to's - or an expert on a variety of wellness topics to help inspire us through these tough times.

We're going through hell right now, folks, and in the words of Winstin Chruchill, "When you're going through hell, keep going!" And that's what we aim to show you how to do by helping you develop a positive mindset - one that may very well change your life. It's that simple. What makes it different from many other motivational Podcasts is that in addition to our amazing experts, you'll hear from people like you and me who have amazing stories to share.

So, if you would like to share your inspirational story with our audience, please fill out the “Sign me up!” page and submit your name and reasons why you’d be a great fit. Your message may change someone’s life and may also reach millions.


Everyone has a story. Everyone’s story matters and we look forward to having You ‘Inspire Us!”

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